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Bish Berries

If you liked Slush Berries, you’ll love Bish Berries.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

Bish Berries

5 small peaches (or 3 large)

1 can pineapple chunks

 1 bunch red grapes

1 bottle moscato

Dice the peaches. Drain the pineapple. Pick the grapes. Layer into containers. Fill with moscato. Seal and let marry for a few days.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

 Serve a few tablespoons into some sprite, tonic water, a peach daiquiri, or even into a chardonnay.

You can also throw a few pieces of fruit and moscato into an ice cube tray to freeze. Add them to your drinks just like the marinated concoction.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

Cheers Bishes!

Printable Recipe:

Bish Berries

Intro to Wino 102

Have you tried to venture out from the wines you’re used to? If not, you should and this Types of Wine poster will help you do so. Just find your favorite type of wine. Then find your style. Then find a new taste you’d like to try.

Intro to Wino 102 pachomp.com

Original Source: How to Choose Wine

Still undecided? In that case, a How to Choose Wine poster may help. Start with who is drinking it. Then follow the flow chart.

Original Source: How to Choose Wine

You can buy a Types of Wine poster here.

You can buy a How to Choose Wine poster here.

Or you can save $5 by buying both here.

You can also zoom in to each poster by clicking on the links above.



Remember those slush berries you made a while back? Now I’m going to tell you the best way to devour them. All you need is your slush berries and one of those adult capri suns in pina colada flavor.

Wine a colada 1

Cut off the top of the capri sun. Add a few spoonfuls of slush berries. Massage the capri sun enough to mix your berries with your colada. Now stick a straw in it and suck it like it’s hard!

iphone 044

You like that, huh? I knew you would, you dirty slush.

Intro to Wino 101

New to wine? Try these fruity reds.  They are all very similar, pretty sweet, and super savory.

Riunite Lambrusco

Riunite Lambrusco

G’day Red Moscato

G'day Red Moscato

Stella Rosa Rosso

Stella Rosa

I saved the best for last…. Castello del Poggio Rosato

Castello del Poggio Rosato

You can buy these at your local Spec’s or at most grocery stores.  Click the pictures to go to the websites for each wine.

Want to see what a $50k bottle of wine looks like?

Eater Houston has a very interesting story about big spenders of wine for their Whale Week series, which follows the biggest spenders around Houston.  Go here for the story:

A Deep Dive Into the 40,000 Bottle $5,000,000+ Wine Cellar at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Pappas Bros.

From left to right: 1811 d’Yquem, 2.5L, $30,000; 1900 Chateau Lafitte, 4.5L, $50,000; 1947 Petreus, 2.5L, $14,500

Speaking of Whale Week, they also had an interesting story about the Texans players being regulars at Killen’s Steakhouse.  $600 steaks?!!  No wonder they’re my favorite defense.  Here is that article:

Ronnie Killen on Feeding the Bulls on Parade

Killens Steakhouse

The quote on this pic is, “That’s $11,000, give or take.”  Um, for $11,000, I would have finished that wine and the mojito. And the bread.  And the limes.  And I might have kept the crystal tealight holder.

Texas Two Sip

Some friends and I spent a day being ultimate winos on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine & Chocolate Trail.  We had a great DD and the rest of us were free to get wine wasted. And we did!

According to this article, six wineries is “about as many as one can do in a day (and that is pushing it)”. Well, we did SEVEN WINERIES in SEVEN HOURS!! Beat that, sucka!!

This is a good shot of my entourage, Rose, Ashlea, Mom, and Amanda.

My Entourage

Our first stop was at Retreat Hill Cellars in Montgomery.  They have a unique shop in an old bank and a very nice courtyard behind the shop.  They win for best storefront and setup.

Retreat Hill Cellars

Next stop, Cork This! Winery in Montgomery. Cork This wins for best wines on the whole tour.  Everything I tried here was delicious!

Cork This!

They paired a very rich chocolate brownie with a peach wine they call Alcoholiday.  Alcoholiday is my new favorite wine.

Cork This! Pairings

The Bernhardt Winery facility in Plantersville was huge and beautiful!

Bernhardt Winery

Bernhardt had a real sweetheart looking setup. The first pairing was strawberry pound cake and chardonnay. Then a milk chocolate truffle with merlot. They also had a bonus pairing of a dark chocolate truffle with their Port Reserve, which was like 20% alcohol or something.  I love bonus pairings!!

Bernhardt Winery Pairings

Hands down. The best stop was at the Retreat Hill Winery & Vineyard. Ashlea was our golden ticket to a private tour of the facilities with the owner, Billy, who kept us all entertained with stories about wine club members skinny dipping in his pool and frequent visitors from a “clothing optional” RV park down the road. Sounds like my kinda place!

Retreat Hill Winery

We had chardonnay and merlot with banana chocolate pie. The pie was from a place down the road called, Love Pies. The pie was outstanding! So were the wines! And the owner!

Retreat Hill Pairings

Windy Winery appeared to be just starting out in the biz because they had a limited selection of wines, all of the workers were family members, and the bathroom was inside their home.  However small they are, they keep it real because they use only Texas grapes and they bottle everything on site. For that, they win for authenticity. They even can their own picante, among other things.

FACTOID: Most Texas wines are not made from Texas grown grapes.

Windy Winery

I had their Texas Rose Chardonnay and Red Sunset Merlot with a rich coconut cookie, a couple of veggies, and some white chocolate morsels.  I thought they threw some frozen french fries on the plate, too, but it turns out they were crinkle cut apples.  The apples and white chocolate went best with both wines.

Windy Winery Pairing

Saddlehorn Winery wins on having wide open spaces, a real saddle at the bar, and an enormous bar.  As you enter the property, the view of the winery, the iron bridge, and rolling hills makes you feel like you’re (clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas!  It’s just beautiful!!

Saddlehorn Winery

They paired some cake balls with a wine made with Black Spanish grapes that was really good even though we thought it was made with Black Mexican grapes for the longest time. We were like, “Mmm… I’m going to get me some Black Mexican. Yummy!”

Saddlehorn Pairing

The last winery on the tour was Pleasant Hill Winery. They have a deck that overlooks their vineyard and that’s where we savored the last bit of wine and chocolate on our trail.  They also served a bonus pairing of their port wine, which was the best way to end a day of wine drunkery. We look pretty good for doing the Texas Two Sip all over the valley, huh?

Pleasant Hill Winery

I’ll tell you about the B&B we stayed at another day.  This post is getting way too long.

Energy Saving Wine Glass

When I look at the first wine glasses I ever owned, they’re small as shit.  Fucking shot glasses, I tell you.  So I moved up to the 16 oz. glasses.  It cuts my kitchen trip down from 3 trips to two.  Whew!  Less walking, means less falling, means less spillage and pillage.  I didn’t think it could get any better.  However, if only I would have known about The Big Betty Wine Glass….

Big Betty

This wine glass hold a full bottle of wine.

Holds a full bottle

That’s 750 mL, y’all!!

Giant Wine Glass

Oh, I’m just sitting here drinking a glass of wine.

The Single Fist

Check out this badass single fisting a full bottle of wine.  Rock on slush!

Big Ben

There’s even one called Big Ben for the dudes.  You’re welcome!

How is it all of this and energy saving, you ask?  I still get drunk.  I save my energy.  All is right with the world.

Click on the photos above to buy me one.

Slush Berries

These berries are not for slushy kids drinks.  These berries are for you slutty lushes out there, A. K. A. Slushes.  You know who you are!  Also, a jar of these makes a great thank you gift for any other Slush you know.  You can add a couple tablespoons of this stuff to champaigne, reisling, sprite, pina coladas, etc.

Slush Berries

Slush Berries

1 lg pack of strawberries, quartered

1 pack blueberries

1 pack raspberries

1 pack blackberries

1 bottle red wine

2 mason jars

 Clean your berries.

Slush Berries

Layer into mason jars.

Slush Berries

Top off with red wine and store up to 4 weeks.  I used a Chilean Merlot that we bottled in May of 2012.  It’s rich and strong, just like I like my men. 😉

Slush Berries

After filling both mason jars, there is exactly one glass of wine left in the bottle.  Cheers!!

Slush Berries

Printable recipe:

Slush Berries

Shepherd’s Pie

Some things are worth the trouble.  This is, fo sho.

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie

1 tbs. olive oil

3-4 lg. carrots, diced

1 lg. onion, diced

1 lb. ground beef or lamb

1 tsp. black pepper

3-4 sprigs fresh thyme, finely chopped

1 tbs. butter

1 c. frozen peas

 2 tbs. flour

2 tbs. tomato paste

1 glass red wine

2 tbs. Worcestershire sauce

1 c. stock

6 c. leftover mashed potatoes

1 egg, beaten

grated parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Sauté the carrots in olive oil until tender, but firm.

Shepherd's Pie

Add the onions and sauté until translucent.

Shepherd's Pie

Add the meat and season with black pepper and thyme.

Shepherd's Pie

Cook the meat through and drain the fat.  Stir in the butter and peas.  Sprinkle with flour and stir through.

Shepherd's Pie

Add the tomato paste, wine, and Worcestershire sauce and simmer for 5 minutes.

Shepherd's Pie

Add the chicken stock and allow to reduce to a thick meaty gravy.

Shepherd's Pie

Season to your taste. Remove from heat.  Add the meat sauce to a 9×13 greased casserole dish.

Shepherd's Pie

Spoon the mashed potatoes over top.

Shepherd's Pie

Brush with egg and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

Shepherd's Pie

Bake for about 20 minutes, until the cheese is slightly browned on top.

Shepherd's Pie

 Enjoy as is or with garlic bread.

Printable recipe:

Shepherd’s Pie