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Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

If you’re coming to my house to party, you can expect lots of mixed drinks and lots of shots. The men can drink their Bud Light and whiskey, but I like the girls to have a good time, so I cater to my girlfriends. Bunch of sexy slushes, they are. 😉

I found this amazing contraption and it looks perfect for us slushes out there!

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

It seems to be a time saver, too! I can add the liquor and three mixers in the containers and let my guests pick their own concoction.

It’s prepared to mix rum, vodka, or tequila. Here are the rum drinks:

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

The tequila drinks:

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

My favorite, the vodka drinks:

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

You can even pick normal or strong!!! Knowing my girlfriends, my mixer would stay on strong.

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

There is also a button that will roll the dice and pick a random drink for you.

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

Click on any of the pictures above to buy one for me and my girlfriends.

Also, I’m not getting paid for telling you about this product. I just want  you to buy me one.

Tha Bomtini

Are you a dirty girl?  I thought so.  You’ll need a dirty drink.  Lucky for you, I’ve got the recipe.

The Bomtini

Tha Bomtini

1 part POM juice

1 part Tito’s vodka

1 long squeeze of lime juice

 Fill shaker full of ice.  Add POM and Tito’s.  Shake.  Pour.  Add lime juice and garnish with a lime wedge if you’re fancy like that.

 BEWARE:  You’ll gets bombed.

 You can thank me later.

Printable recipe: