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Bish Berries

If you liked Slush Berries, you’ll love Bish Berries.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

Bish Berries

5 small peaches (or 3 large)

1 can pineapple chunks

 1 bunch red grapes

1 bottle moscato

Dice the peaches. Drain the pineapple. Pick the grapes. Layer into containers. Fill with moscato. Seal and let marry for a few days.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

 Serve a few tablespoons into some sprite, tonic water, a peach daiquiri, or even into a chardonnay.

You can also throw a few pieces of fruit and moscato into an ice cube tray to freeze. Add them to your drinks just like the marinated concoction.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

Cheers Bishes!

Printable Recipe:

Bish Berries

Intro to Wino 101

New to wine? Try these fruity reds.  They are all very similar, pretty sweet, and super savory.

Riunite Lambrusco

Riunite Lambrusco

G’day Red Moscato

G'day Red Moscato

Stella Rosa Rosso

Stella Rosa

I saved the best for last…. Castello del Poggio Rosato

Castello del Poggio Rosato

You can buy these at your local Spec’s or at most grocery stores.  Click the pictures to go to the websites for each wine.