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Bish Berries

If you liked Slush Berries, you’ll love Bish Berries.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

Bish Berries

5 small peaches (or 3 large)

1 can pineapple chunks

 1 bunch red grapes

1 bottle moscato

Dice the peaches. Drain the pineapple. Pick the grapes. Layer into containers. Fill with moscato. Seal and let marry for a few days.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

 Serve a few tablespoons into some sprite, tonic water, a peach daiquiri, or even into a chardonnay.

You can also throw a few pieces of fruit and moscato into an ice cube tray to freeze. Add them to your drinks just like the marinated concoction.

Bish Berries by pachomp.com

Cheers Bishes!

Printable Recipe:

Bish Berries

30 Shots

If you party at my house, “shots” is the word.

I normally start everybody with something sweet, but strong, like Tequila Rose.

The next round will be a semi-strong concoction I’ve made up on the fly, like Amaretto, OJ, and Crown Royal.

The third round will be an easy, but tasty, shot, like coconut rum and pineapple juice. I normally shake the mixed shots with ice (always taste test and adjust them) and strain into the shot glasses.

Then I’ll serve something straight, like Jack Daniels. Mostly just the men take these shots, but you’ll get a rowdy girl in there sometimes.

30 shots pachomp.com

Depending on how many people are present, I’ll have anywhere between 6 to 18 shot glasses on my tray. You can get 6 packs of 2 oz. shot glasses from Wal-Mart for a few bucks. Stock up on those, a shaker, strainer, ice, and some provisions before your next party and you’ll be all set.

If you’re having trouble coming up with shot variations, this chart will help.

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

If you’re coming to my house to party, you can expect lots of mixed drinks and lots of shots. The men can drink their Bud Light and whiskey, but I like the girls to have a good time, so I cater to my girlfriends. Bunch of sexy slushes, they are. 😉

I found this amazing contraption and it looks perfect for us slushes out there!

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

It seems to be a time saver, too! I can add the liquor and three mixers in the containers and let my guests pick their own concoction.

It’s prepared to mix rum, vodka, or tequila. Here are the rum drinks:

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

The tequila drinks:

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

My favorite, the vodka drinks:

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

You can even pick normal or strong!!! Knowing my girlfriends, my mixer would stay on strong.

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

There is also a button that will roll the dice and pick a random drink for you.

Mixed Drink Machine! pachomp.com

Click on any of the pictures above to buy one for me and my girlfriends.

Also, I’m not getting paid for telling you about this product. I just want  you to buy me one.


Remember those slush berries you made a while back? Now I’m going to tell you the best way to devour them. All you need is your slush berries and one of those adult capri suns in pina colada flavor.

Wine a colada 1

Cut off the top of the capri sun. Add a few spoonfuls of slush berries. Massage the capri sun enough to mix your berries with your colada. Now stick a straw in it and suck it like it’s hard!

iphone 044

You like that, huh? I knew you would, you dirty slush.

Slush Berries

These berries are not for slushy kids drinks.  These berries are for you slutty lushes out there, A. K. A. Slushes.  You know who you are!  Also, a jar of these makes a great thank you gift for any other Slush you know.  You can add a couple tablespoons of this stuff to champaigne, reisling, sprite, pina coladas, etc.

Slush Berries

Slush Berries

1 lg pack of strawberries, quartered

1 pack blueberries

1 pack raspberries

1 pack blackberries

1 bottle red wine

2 mason jars

 Clean your berries.

Slush Berries

Layer into mason jars.

Slush Berries

Top off with red wine and store up to 4 weeks.  I used a Chilean Merlot that we bottled in May of 2012.  It’s rich and strong, just like I like my men. 😉

Slush Berries

After filling both mason jars, there is exactly one glass of wine left in the bottle.  Cheers!!

Slush Berries

Printable recipe:

Slush Berries

Tha Bomtini

Are you a dirty girl?  I thought so.  You’ll need a dirty drink.  Lucky for you, I’ve got the recipe.

The Bomtini

Tha Bomtini

1 part POM juice

1 part Tito’s vodka

1 long squeeze of lime juice

 Fill shaker full of ice.  Add POM and Tito’s.  Shake.  Pour.  Add lime juice and garnish with a lime wedge if you’re fancy like that.

 BEWARE:  You’ll gets bombed.

 You can thank me later.

Printable recipe: