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Bad Girl’s Movie Night

I’ve seen a photo on Pinterest with some movie ideas for a girl’s night in. You may have seen it.  It looks something like this:

Girls Movie Night Gag!

There are a couple of movies on there we might tolerate (like The Hangover), but none of my girlfriends would stand for that sappy shit on the list. Gag!

My girlfriends like sexy!

Girls Movie Night

We like fast!

Girls Movie Night

We like fights!

Girls Movie Night

We like a little comedy!

Girls Movie Night

We love muscles!

Girls Movie Night

And make out sessions!

Girls Movie Night

So I made my own girl’s night movie list. It’s more of a Bad Girl’s Movie Night List. Here it goes:

Never Back Down – Parts One, Two, and Three! Plot? Who gives a fuck when there are tons of young, topless men fighting each other.

Magic Mike – Plot? IDGAF!

Warrior – A little dramatic, but this movie will get your love/hate emotions going while you bite your knuckle every time someones shirt is off.

Crazy Stupid Love – “It’s like you’re photoshopped!” I could totally wash my panties on Ryan Gosling’s abs.

Fast and the Furious – They steal stuff, they race bad guys, they win, the end. Gives you time to get the deets on who’s sleeping with who in Teeny, TX and you still get to watch Paul Walker’s fine ass shift gears.

Lawless – Rough, rowdy, and against the law. Just the way I like it.

The Proposal – A little romantic comedy never hurt when Ryan Reynolds goes buck naked in it.

Limitless – Very sexy movie if you like Bradley Cooper, and I know you do.

Surfer, Dude – It’s a stupid movie and I hate to hear Matthew McConaughey’s voice, but his hot bod is in nothing but swim trunks throughout the entire movie. Mute it like I do if you must.

Boogie Nights – You know when you see your high school crush again and all the feelings rush back? That’s Marky Mark to every girl that remembers the glorious Calvin Klein ads.

Friends with Benefits – It was a toss up between this and the very similar No Strings Attached, but Mila Kunis wins and Justin Timberlake went from sexy to irresistable since Suit and Tie hit the airwaves.

Girls Movie Night

So, until the Shades of Grey movies come out, this is what we’ve got to work with.

Well, what do you think? Are there any you could add that have the right amount of sexy, rough, and silly?

I LOVE My Phone Wristlet

This is why I like it:

  1. It fits my DL, check card, cash, and phone. (Much easier for thieves.)
  2. You can see and operate the phone through the clear cover.
  3. Now I don’t have to drag around a gorilla purse that acts like a black hole.
  4. I don’t have to remove my Otter Box case from my phone in order to put my phone in it.

I bought mine at Claire’s for like $20, but they have the same ones at Charlotte Russe for $10. (Fuck you, Claire.)

Cell Phone Wristlet

Cell Phone Wristlet Inside

I LOVE Charlie Layton

I love Charlie Layton’s style.  I see cartoonish/old school/pop art and I love it all.  Most unique, to me, are his drawings on his refrigerator in dry erase markers.

Charlie Layton

Charlie Layton

Here are some heavy metal beasts…

Charlie Layton

Charlie Layton

Fuck school, man!!

Charlie Layton

He does roller derby chicks very well.  So fem!  So tough!

Charlie Layton

I like how this one has the mixed media effect.  Like a singer that can sing many styles, this artist has a broad expertise.  Not only is this a kick ass piece of art, it also tells a story.  How multi-dimensionally awesome is that?

Charlie Layton

Click on the pictures above or check out his blog here:

Charlie Layton Draws

Houston Rocks!

I have vouched for this town most of my life and I’m glad we’re finally getting recognized for all the things I hopelessly preach about.  Below is just a sampling of the recognition we have received over the past few years.

Best Cities for Your Career in 2013 (as reported by – January 3, 2013

Places to Go in 2013

New York Times – January 11, 2013

Best New Restaurant 2012Underbelly

Esquire – 2012

America’s Best SeafoodREEF 

U.S. News & World Report– October 2012

Top 10 New Restaurants in the U.S.Sorrel Urban Bistro

Gayot – 2012

The Hot 10 Best New Restaurants 2012Oxheart

Bon Appetit – September 2012

Best Places to Live 2012 – Spring

CNN Money – August 15, 2011

Great Places in America: Public Spaces – Buffalo Bayou

American Planning Association – October 3, 2012

How America Gives by Total Contribution – Houston MSA

The Chronicle of Philanthropy – August 20, 2012

America’s Coolest Cities to Live

Forbes – July 26, 2012

Most Fun Cities in America

Trident (as reported by – April 28, 2012

Most Racially/Ethnically Diverse Large Metro Area

Kinder Institute for Urban Research & The Hobby Center for the Study of Texas – March 2012

America’s Best Wine BarsSonoma Wine Bar

Travel+Leisure – March 2012

Top Good Samaritan City

On Star (as reported by KUHF News) – March 11, 2012

Top 10 Urban B&BsLa Maison in Midtown – March 2012

Top 12 Best Children’s Museums in the U.S. –  Children’s Museum of Houston

Forbes – January 30, 2012

Most Generous U.S. City

The Daily Beast – December 12, 2011

Best Places to Live 2011 – Lake Jackson

CNN Money – August 15, 2011

America’s Coolest City ParksDiscovery Green

Travel + Leisure – April 2011

 Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations for 2011

Budget Travel – January 7, 2011 



I LOVE Baby Lips

These are Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms.


For $3.99, these are high dollar lip balms (to me), but there are a few reasons I’m still buying them:

1. They are fatter than the other kinds I’m used to.

2. You don’t have to use your finger to apply.

3. They last longer than other lip balms, (but not the full 8 hours they claim).

4. They have improved my lip color and texture.

My lips are normally dry and pale, so I always wear lipstick.  After using this every day for a week, I noticed that my lips were smoother and looked healthier.  So healthy that they were pink in color and now I can go without lipstick if I choose, which I did for a few days because I was excited that my lips had a great, pinky, natural color.  However, I love to wear unnatural shades of lipstick, so I still wear lipstick most days.

This clear one is my favorite kind so far.

Maybelline Lip Balm

I just got this fuschia tinted one and I like it, too.

Maybelline Lip Balm

I’m not getting paid to advertise for Maybelline.  It’s just one of my new favorite things and I thought you might like it, too.