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Kid Fashion

My brother, Bud, is a single father to my 9 year old niece, Fiata.  Since he’s not into girl fashion, he let me take Fiata shopping for school clothes.  He did the right thing, too.  He gave me a credit card and said, “Get whatever she wants.”

Bud and Fiata

Fiata and I made a day of it with sushi, shopping, and then a little fashion show.  For the fashion show, I took pictures of her in different outfit combinations and then printed the pictures into an 8×10 collage through  Now Bud can look at the collage to get ideas on how to dress Fiata for school.

I had such a good time with Fiata and the pictures came out so cute that I decided to share them with you.


Also, I have a couple of shots of our day.  Here she is texting me from across the table at lunch.


Poor sweet thang passed out on the way home.  She shopped til she dropped.


Primo Pineapple Pie

My family makes this pie all the time.  It’s great for the summer because it’s chilled and the pineapple makes it refreshing.  We made a couple of pies this summer while we camped in Backwoods, Oklahoma. 

In the picture below, you can see our “stove” powered by firewood and a double burner that we use for making coffee and for frying things like green tomatoes.  Pioneer Woman ain’t got shit on this kind of cooking.

Primo Pineapple Pie

1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple

1 (5.1 oz.) box instant vanilla pudding

1 (8 oz.) tub sour cream

1 graham cracker pie crust

1/2 tub whipped topping

Mix the crushed pineapple (with the juice), pudding mix, and sour cream together and pour into pie crust.  Top with whipped topping and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

This recipe is for one pie, but I normally buy enough for two pies and use half of the whipped topping on one pie and the other half on the other pie.  This way, I can have my pie and share the other one.

You can also make this into a dip by omitting the whipped topping and pie crust.  Just mix up the filling and dip with graham crackers.  It’s delicious and kids love it!

Here are a few more pictures of us camp cooking….

Red and green tomatoes ready to be battered and fried.  This is may favorite camp food.

My sister, Champ Superstar, is chopping up onions as the cabbage waits to be steamed and cooked in bacon fat.

My Mom is teaching my niece, Fiata, how to dice cucumbers for Mony Mony Macaroni Salad.

Printable Recipe:

Primo Pineapple Pie

Funk Family Photo

My family.  We were never the type of people that wear matching outfits and hire a photographer to snap pictures of us walking hand in hand down the beach.  We’re the type of people that find a photo that we think is totally gangsta and recreate it.  That is exactly what we did for my Mom’s birthday a few years ago.

The picture is a polaroid of my parents and some of their friends, circa New Year’s Eve 1981.  It is amazing.  The pullover sweaters, the Farrah Fawcett wings, the crepe paper. 

Here is the original…. My Mom is on the bottom right with the margarita we still can’t pry from her hand.  My dad’s brother, BB, is on the bottom left with the molestache.  My Dad, the goofball in the back with someone’s bitchin’ Boston Terrier. 

Here is our awesome recreation…Also, this picture shows the subjects of most of my posts, so now you get to meet everybody in their finest form.  In the front from the left: Me, Ducky, Champ Superstar.  In the back: Babafa, Fiata, Bud, Pepper.

The backdrop is my Mom’s living room because it glows with the early 80’s pallette we needed. The bad patterns and sweater vests were raided from my Mom’s closet.  We couldn’t find party hats, so we taped plastic cups to our heads.  This was three years ago, so the kids were 3 and 5 and already such good sports.  You have no idea how many takes it took to get this one.  Wait, here’s an idea.  Here are the other takes….

It was fun making a memory to jog my Mom’s memory for her birthday.  I love my family and our awesome ideas.  
We put the funk in disfunctional!

R. I. P. Nikon

I used to have a badass camera (it was badass in it’s time, okay).  It’s dead now.  Crashed into some concrete in the middle of a hand off.  I’m still heartbroken over it.  Here is what it looked like…

 Anyway, to drown in my sorrow, I decided to post some of my favorite shots I took with that camera.  None of these have been altered in any way.

I take that back.  Some of them may have been cropped.  But the colors and textures haven’t been jacked with.

Come One, Come All!!

Mom:  “Ducky, if you ever get to be in the circus, what are you going to do?  Train the elephants?”

Ducky:  “No.”

Mom:  “Train the bears?”

Ducky:  “Nope.”

Mom:  “Then, tell me, what do you want to do?”

Ducky:  “The girls!!”

Then he lays back with a grin, crosses his legs, rests his hands behind his head, looks dreamily at the ceiling, and says, “I’m doing the girls.”
If you know me, you know I like LOVE to read.  If I make you read my blog, you will also know that I planned a Book/Movie Combo thing in January to gear up for Water for Elephants the movie.  I love the movie.  I love the book.  I love my book club girls.  It was a great night.
This post isn’t a movie or book review, though.  It’s a life review.  Kind of.
Because of Water for Elephants, my life has changed a wee bit.  Every time I see something about the circus or about elephants, I stop to see what’s up.  I even did a double take in the hallway earlier because I saw a bowl of peanuts on a filing cabinet.  I’ve been on high alert for circus whatnot since I read the book two years ago.  Now my interest is heightened since I read the book the second time and finally got to see the movie. 

When my Mom told me that her and Mama Gee wanted to take Ducky, Fiata, and one of Mama Gee’s relatives to the circus, my heart grew warm and my eyes lit up.  When I realized it was the same day as Buzz Fest, which is an all day music festival that we already had tickets for, my heart sank and grew another thorn on the side that pokes into my lung.

However, I did get to enjoy some pictures and lots of stories of the Most Spectacular Show on Earth.
Ducky said the clowns and the bears rode motorcycles.
He said there were a hundred elephants and they stood on their front legs with their back legs in the air all at the same time. 
He also said a baby bear walked on his front paws across the stage and down steps without falling.
Fiata covered Ducky’s eyes every time the pretty girls came out.
I loved the pictures of the kids, but the next picture touched me the most because two of the main characters in Water for Elephants is a blond female performer named Marlena and an elephant named Rosie. 
In the book/movie, Rosie is very clever.  I have a soft spot for clever girls.
I don’t want to miss the circus the next time they come.  I know I’ll be looking for the differences between illusion and reality, which is a main theme of the book.  I’ll watch the dwarf clowns and performers.  I’ll look for the horse trainer and roustabouts.  Hell, I’ll probably even keep an eye out for the Coochie Tent.  
If you still haven’t read Water for Elephants, I recommend it.  I recommend watching the movie afterward, also.  I’m not saying it will change your life even a wee bit, but it certainly affected mine.