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August Photo a Day Challenge

So I did the Photo a Day August Challenge that FAT MUM SLIMprompts monthly.  Sometimes, it’s fun.  Sometimes, I put too much pressure on myself.  Sometimes, I forget completely. 

Actually, I doubt I’ll do the Photo A Day Challenge again.  For me, it’s stressful to find something to take a picture of that reflects the prompt.  The stress comes from trying to find things that aren’t so boring, but when the prompt is something like SPOON and CLOCK, then I’m fucked.  I am left with only a handful of  pictures I love and a shitload of boring ones.  However, I’m going to post the pictures so that the month of stress isn’t a total waste.  I know I haven’t convinced you to scroll through the boring pictures, but maybe you’ll like a couple of the side stories.

Here is the prompt:

Here are my shots:

DAY 1: OUTSIDE – This is the outside of my house.  My porch is my favorite part of my house.

DAY 2: ONE – I live in the Lone Star State, y’all.

DAY 3: COIN – We squished a penny at the Houston Zoo.  Ducky says “croba” instead of “cobra”.

DAY 4: SOMEWHERE YOU SAT – I had a tea.  All alone.  Then hit up the Hawkinsville Farmer’s Market.  It smelled like smoke and the A/C was out.

DAY 5: LOGO – Go Texans!!!

DAY 6: WRITING – Sometimes I draw pictures and notes for Ducky to find in his lunch box.

DAY 7: 8 O’CLOCK – I was whipping up a Peaches ‘n Cream Pie at 8:00 p. m.

DAY 8: GLASSES – I have 4 pairs in my desk at work.

DAY 9: MESSY – I accidentally skipped this day altogether.  I totally could have taken a picture of the backseat of my car, though.

DAY 10: RING – An earring, tongue ring, and labret.  On a night that this guy (my brother-in-law) doesn’t even remember.

DAY 11: PURPLE – This tree separates our house from our neighbors.

DAY 12: SPOON – A plastic one.  Shown like Darth Vader.

DAY 13: SIMPLE – A bouncy ball.  Hmmm.  How interesting.

DAY 14: ARROW – One of my templates I use at work.  I’m using toothpicks to hold my eyelids open.

DAY 15: READY – It’s getting ready to rain.  Boooooriiiiiing.

DAY 16: FOOD – I had a dinner of blackened snapper, cajun rice, and veggies.  Wow.  Veggies.  Yay.

DAY 17: FACES – One of my favorite faces.  Finally something honest and cute and entertaining.  Welcome back.

DAY 18: INSIDE – A worker at a candy shop in Galveston was shoving peanut clusters in her mouth from inside the candy display.  We watched her gorge on at least five pieces that are each as big as the palm of your hand and fondle all the other pieces while she organized the display.  In this picture, you can kind of see a pink blur in front of her.  That’s her hand throwing another piece in her mouth.  Pig.

DAY 19: HOLE – Shoelace holes in my chucks.  Sometimes this iphone takes decent pictures of stupid shit.

DAY 20: TODAY – I spotted a gorgeous sunray on my way to work.  Sometimes this iphone gives no justice pictures of things that I think are beautiful.

DAY 21: COOL – THIS chick.  For real.

DAY 22: HOME – My home is anywhere these two guys are.

DAY 23: PAIR – Ducky is missing a pair of teeth on the top.  Obviously.

DAY 24: PATH – Foxy is about to wear a path into the sidewalk.  Yawn.

DAY 25: FRESH – Chopped up some peaches I got from the farmer’s market.  They were very sweet.

DAY 26: DREAM – This fool has it tattoo’d on his stomach in Chinese symbols.  Actually, it says “dreamer” (as far as he knows because he never studied Chinese and has never even been to China).  What’s even better is that his ex-bish has “dream” tattooed on the back of her neck.  Like he’s a dreamer and she’s his dream.  Get it?  Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!  I still love this dreamer, though.  We’re all allowed to be a little dumb before we make it right, right? 

DAY 27: TAP – The rain tapped on my windshield all the way to work.  Bore.

DAY 28: CLOCK – My alarm clock fucking hates me. 

DAY 29: DOWN – Threw on some flip flops when I got home because it was the start of a 5 day vacay for me.  Woot woot!

DAY 30: CARD – Today is mine and Babafa’s ten year anniversary and this is the front of the card I got for him.  I cried when I wrote how much I love him in it.

DAY 31: HIDDEN – I skipped this day, too, and I don’t regret it.

Where the Wild Things Are

These are barred owls.  They live in my back yard.  We named them Bob and Terry.  Barred Owls are Texas natives.  I took these two pictures this morning.  Bob flew into that tree with his kill hanging from his talons as I watched, but none of the pictures came out of him in flight.  😦They aren’t too scared of us.  Terry watched me as I took out the trash.  Then, I ran for my camera and he waited until I got back. 

My culture taught me to fear owls, so it’s kind of scary to see them so close.  However, this couple has been here since way before we moved in to our house and I’ve grown a soft spot for them over the past four years we’ve lived here. 

We even got to watch them teach their two baby owls how to fly and hunt last year.  It was amazing and I was late to work almost every day, but I came in with baby owl stories, so I totally got away with it. 

(Yeah, yeah, the kids have demolished the back yard.  I’m over it.)  This is Terry.  She heard me come onto the porch.  She turned and looked at me, then went back to her hunting lesson. 

One of the babies is on the opposite side of the trampoline net.  Can you see it?  The other baby is on a low hanging tree limb to the left, but I couldn’t get a good shot of her from where I stood.  Bob is in a tree high up to the right.

I could only get the three of them in a single shot, but here it is.  I don’t have the best camera, so these are probably the best pictures I’ll ever be able to get.

It didn’t take long for Bob to swoop down and catch something in his talons.  They eat mice and lizards and such.

We got their names from the movie, Where the Wild Things Are.  The movie came out not long after we noticed we had a pair of owls in our back yard. 

Do me a solid?  Don’t tell any of my indigenous relatives that I love these owls. 😀

10 on 10: June

I joined the ten on ten photo project this month where you take ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month.  Thank you Rebekah at a bit of sunshine for ten on ten!
10:14 a. m. She has babies hanging on her stomach.
11:05 a. m. Giving Foxy a rubdown before I leave my house.

12:11 p. m. That huge ass drink is what Whataburger calls a medium.

1:03 p. m. Oh, Chris!  There you are.

2:38 p. m. It’s getting warm outside.  Maybe I should watch another movie.

3:13 p. m. Picked up a new suit to suit my wet summer.
4:01 p. m. About to start cleaning wine bottles for our next rack. (Which is peach wine, by the way.)

5:04 p. m. Making crawfish pie.  All Betty Crocker like.

6:01 p. m. Watching Gone and drinking wine.
6:43 p. m. It’s ready!!!!!
8:02 p. m.  It was an hour ago, but I still feel bad.  I’m an idiot.
It’s actually 11 photos.  I’m not sure how I ended up posting 11 instead of 10, but that’s okay.  One to grow on.  I hope you had an excellent Sunday, June 10th, like I did!!!

R. I. P. Nikon

I used to have a badass camera (it was badass in it’s time, okay).  It’s dead now.  Crashed into some concrete in the middle of a hand off.  I’m still heartbroken over it.  Here is what it looked like…

 Anyway, to drown in my sorrow, I decided to post some of my favorite shots I took with that camera.  None of these have been altered in any way.

I take that back.  Some of them may have been cropped.  But the colors and textures haven’t been jacked with.