Ducky the Tightwad

This kid has been bogarting every penny he has seen since he can remember. The money is from birthdays, good grades, a lemonade stand, yard work, etc.

Every time he impregnated a piggy bank, I put it away in the top of his closet and bought him a new one to fill. Here he is after we busted out the loot.

Life Savings

For fun, we counted it to see about how much he has and we came to $200 in quarters alone. Then we stacked up the bills and threw the coins in a water jug to haul to the bank.

Life Savings

At the bank, he spent a good 20 minutes pouring the coins into a coin machine. He ended up with $283.41 in coins.

Life Savings

So we took his coin receipt and his bills and opened an account for our little banker. He ended up with about $600 in his account. On the way to the car, he stopped to pick up a penny and dropped it in the empty water jug. Still beaming, he said, “Man, I love that sound!”

Life Savings

Rant: Don’t count on anybody but yourself to make your money.  My parents taught me that and that’s why I’m not a full time blogger. I have a career that pays well and I don’t care how much money my husband makes. I make my own money, buy my own cars, and get what I want when I want it with nobody to answer to but myself. Money is one of my favorite things. I’m happy when I have money in the bank. I want more of it. I want all of it. Fuck all you soul seekers that say money isn’t everything. It’s good for my soul to know that me and my child are not out of groceries if I have a flat or if a tree falls on my house. Try it for yourself. Go make money and see how much happier you are.


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