Want to see what a $50k bottle of wine looks like?

Eater Houston has a very interesting story about big spenders of wine for their Whale Week series, which follows the biggest spenders around Houston.  Go here for the story:

A Deep Dive Into the 40,000 Bottle $5,000,000+ Wine Cellar at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Pappas Bros.

From left to right: 1811 d’Yquem, 2.5L, $30,000; 1900 Chateau Lafitte, 4.5L, $50,000; 1947 Petreus, 2.5L, $14,500

Speaking of Whale Week, they also had an interesting story about the Texans players being regulars at Killen’s Steakhouse.  $600 steaks?!!  No wonder they’re my favorite defense.  Here is that article:

Ronnie Killen on Feeding the Bulls on Parade

Killens Steakhouse

The quote on this pic is, “That’s $11,000, give or take.”  Um, for $11,000, I would have finished that wine and the mojito. And the bread.  And the limes.  And I might have kept the crystal tealight holder.

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