Texas Two Sip

Some friends and I spent a day being ultimate winos on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine & Chocolate Trail.  We had a great DD and the rest of us were free to get wine wasted. And we did!

According to this article, six wineries is “about as many as one can do in a day (and that is pushing it)”. Well, we did SEVEN WINERIES in SEVEN HOURS!! Beat that, sucka!!

This is a good shot of my entourage, Rose, Ashlea, Mom, and Amanda.

My Entourage

Our first stop was at Retreat Hill Cellars in Montgomery.  They have a unique shop in an old bank and a very nice courtyard behind the shop.  They win for best storefront and setup.

Retreat Hill Cellars

Next stop, Cork This! Winery in Montgomery. Cork This wins for best wines on the whole tour.  Everything I tried here was delicious!

Cork This!

They paired a very rich chocolate brownie with a peach wine they call Alcoholiday.  Alcoholiday is my new favorite wine.

Cork This! Pairings

The Bernhardt Winery facility in Plantersville was huge and beautiful!

Bernhardt Winery

Bernhardt had a real sweetheart looking setup. The first pairing was strawberry pound cake and chardonnay. Then a milk chocolate truffle with merlot. They also had a bonus pairing of a dark chocolate truffle with their Port Reserve, which was like 20% alcohol or something.  I love bonus pairings!!

Bernhardt Winery Pairings

Hands down. The best stop was at the Retreat Hill Winery & Vineyard. Ashlea was our golden ticket to a private tour of the facilities with the owner, Billy, who kept us all entertained with stories about wine club members skinny dipping in his pool and frequent visitors from a “clothing optional” RV park down the road. Sounds like my kinda place!

Retreat Hill Winery

We had chardonnay and merlot with banana chocolate pie. The pie was from a place down the road called, Love Pies. The pie was outstanding! So were the wines! And the owner!

Retreat Hill Pairings

Windy Winery appeared to be just starting out in the biz because they had a limited selection of wines, all of the workers were family members, and the bathroom was inside their home.  However small they are, they keep it real because they use only Texas grapes and they bottle everything on site. For that, they win for authenticity. They even can their own picante, among other things.

FACTOID: Most Texas wines are not made from Texas grown grapes.

Windy Winery

I had their Texas Rose Chardonnay and Red Sunset Merlot with a rich coconut cookie, a couple of veggies, and some white chocolate morsels.  I thought they threw some frozen french fries on the plate, too, but it turns out they were crinkle cut apples.  The apples and white chocolate went best with both wines.

Windy Winery Pairing

Saddlehorn Winery wins on having wide open spaces, a real saddle at the bar, and an enormous bar.  As you enter the property, the view of the winery, the iron bridge, and rolling hills makes you feel like you’re (clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas!  It’s just beautiful!!

Saddlehorn Winery

They paired some cake balls with a wine made with Black Spanish grapes that was really good even though we thought it was made with Black Mexican grapes for the longest time. We were like, “Mmm… I’m going to get me some Black Mexican. Yummy!”

Saddlehorn Pairing

The last winery on the tour was Pleasant Hill Winery. They have a deck that overlooks their vineyard and that’s where we savored the last bit of wine and chocolate on our trail.  They also served a bonus pairing of their port wine, which was the best way to end a day of wine drunkery. We look pretty good for doing the Texas Two Sip all over the valley, huh?

Pleasant Hill Winery

I’ll tell you about the B&B we stayed at another day.  This post is getting way too long.

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