Until Next Year!

I know it’s been a while since the Bulls on Parade lost their last battle for the Super Bowl, but it won’t seem over until the Super Bowl.  This is just a little montage of the 2012 Texans season with my friends.

Angie, Babafa

jen, al

pachomp, rose

Kind of gay, but Texan love right here…
babafa, hebert

Babafa, Justin

Babafa, Pachomp

Jen, Pachomp, Angie

Justin, Al

Kel, Kyl, Fiata


My first shot block shot.  It went down so easy!




Like a motherfucking boss!



See my friend, T-Rex, all the way to the left?  Yeah, he’s throwing his shot out.  Will he ever live it down?  Fuck. No.




This one, I did with an app called 360 Panorama.  It’s of the tailgating lot.  I was standing on top of the motorhome I came in.  The Astrodome is at 12 o’clock.  Reliant Stadium at 10.  My friends have their backs to me at 3 thru 5.  Pretty cool app, huh?

360 App

In the collage below, the picture on top is from the last home playoff game.  The app I used below is PicFrame.  I use that app for most of my collages.


Goodbye Texans!!  See you on draft day!!


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