Energy Saving Wine Glass

When I look at the first wine glasses I ever owned, they’re small as shit.  Fucking shot glasses, I tell you.  So I moved up to the 16 oz. glasses.  It cuts my kitchen trip down from 3 trips to two.  Whew!  Less walking, means less falling, means less spillage and pillage.  I didn’t think it could get any better.  However, if only I would have known about The Big Betty Wine Glass….

Big Betty

This wine glass hold a full bottle of wine.

Holds a full bottle

That’s 750 mL, y’all!!

Giant Wine Glass

Oh, I’m just sitting here drinking a glass of wine.

The Single Fist

Check out this badass single fisting a full bottle of wine.  Rock on slush!

Big Ben

There’s even one called Big Ben for the dudes.  You’re welcome!

How is it all of this and energy saving, you ask?  I still get drunk.  I save my energy.  All is right with the world.

Click on the photos above to buy me one.


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