Wine Sippy Cup? Yes Please!

I know people that refuse to drink wine from plastic.  I imagine this makes them feel as though they are real wino’s.  NOT IN MY BOOK!!  I will drink wine from almost anything.  I imagine this is what makes me feel as though I am a real wino.  All others are wine snobs.

No More Wine Snobs!!

After busting real wine glasses every time I fall, plastic wine glasses are more my style.  The following picture is of a BOMtini in a plastic wine glass.

The Bomtini

Now, after many moments of spillage and pillage*, I am in dire need of a wine sippy cup.  And guess what?  I’m not the only one!  Apparently, there is a fucking market for that!  Woot woot!

Click on the picture below to buy me one….

Wine Sippy Cup

Classy, indeed.

Wine Snob

*spillage is when the wine sloshes out of the glass, pillage is when I stick my lips to the table/chair/floor to suck up the spillage like a motherfucking boss

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