Dear Kevin McFadden

Dear Kevin,

I finally have an opportunity to write a letter to my most favorite author of all time, whose books I have poured into my head over and over for 20 years, and I have no idea what to say.  How do I fold 20 years of memories and emotions into one page?  I am living the life of a 33 year old teenager and I have you to thank for that.  I have developed many theories as to why you have made no appearances throughout your career and I am glad that Christopher Pike isn’t just a name that many authors use to ghost write under.  I have been afraid that you will stop writing without finishing some of your open series, but I am glad to find out that you are as passionate about writing and finishing your series as I am about reading them.  Do you think you could post some or all of the outtakes from Witch World?  I don’t think it would spoil the effect of the book.  Also, I love your idea for the website for writers.  Please make it happen!!  I am trying to keep this short, but this is my 6th version.  They get infinitely longer when I begin telling you what your stories have done for me in good times and bad.  Just know that those versions exist and I mean every word in them.  Thank you for signing my books and for the opportunity to write you.

Infinitely yours,

Pa Chomp (except I used my real name)

P. S. Please come to Teeny, TX!!  (except I used my real hometown)

So that’s the letter.  I seriously cut out about 3 times that, so that’s why it ended up being a little jumpy.  It’s really hard keeping a letter like that so short.  He said he will sign two old books for every new book you send him because he’s trying to promote the new book.  So I’m sending him 3 copies of his new book, Witch World, and 6 older books that are part of a series he began in the 90’s and still writes to today.

Here are the books I’m sending:

Dear Kevin McFadden

And here is part of my collection of Pike books.

Dear Kevin McFadden

If you ever write a letter to somebody you have admired for two thirds of your life, please tell me about it so I won’t feel like such a loser.

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