Women Rock

My son went camping and left Babafa and I up to no good.  Throughout the weekend, we stumbled upon some very talented female musicians and I felt a little empowered through them.

Friday night, we met some friends out at Pier 30 and saw the Electric Soul Band.  They played lots of classic rock.  The unique thing about them is that the lead singer, JoAnn Santana, doesn’t limit their set list to just chick rock.  She did some of the Marshall Tucker Band-type songs better than the Janis Joplin songs.  I think they would be a great band to have at a biker rally.  That’s the feel you get from watching them.  A little “bad to the bone”-esque.

Saturday night, we met some other friends at Belle’s Landing to see Bo Counts.  I’ve seen this guy before and I am not too impressed by his talent, plus, he was a little bit of an asshole when I asked about getting a picture with the band.  

However, I am impressed by the talent that he has surrounded himself with on stage.  Also, I applaud him for being able to sit back for quite a few songs to let his more talented band members play on their own.  Thanks for sitting this one out, Bo!

This is Dustin Black.  One of the very talented musicians in the Bo Counts Band.  I also know him from when he played in a rock band called Innersphere about 10 years ago.  The kid has grown up since then and so has his talent as a musician.  I was really glad to see that he is in a band.  I hate to see great talent go to waste.

THIS GIRL.  Stephanie Jansky-Miller.  Completely stole the show.  She has a great voice and she played at least two instruments that I saw (fiddle and bass guitar).  She is the reason I see Bo Counts Band again and again.

All in all, it was a good weekend.  Nothing crazy.  Enough to keep us busy.  Just like I like it.  Sometimes.

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