Car Crush

I have a crush on fast cars.  The parking lot where I work is like a car show.  I can’t afford a fast car, so leaving lip gloss kisses on these babies will have to do for now.  Here are some car crushes I’ve documented recently…

This.  My first love.  I park near this car every day.  On purpose.  I caught this picture on a day that the protective cover blew off.

This one is between baths, but the bugs on the grill don’t effect the speed.

Another ‘vette.  Just as sweet as my first love, but it’s not black. 

A Porche.

My friend, Nate’s, badass Mustang.  He told me I’d have to hold him up at gunpoint to drive his car.  I’m on the three day wait for my .45.

A Camaro.

This took the place of my first love and is the one that got away.  One day, we will meet again.  White is my favorite car color.

A Challenger.  The driver of this car passes me on the way out of work almost every day.

Another Mustang.  Just as nice.  I like the grey.

This is the nicest Boxster of three that park in my lot.

My favorite car is the Corvette.  The car I would probably buy, would be a Challenger.  I never liked Mustangs before, but the new body style (like the grey one) is growing on me.  The Boxsters are my least favorite.  I don’t even know why I have them on this list. 

I need to get inside a race car to kick my need for speed.  Anybody got a hookup for that?  =D

One comment

  1. Angie

    I LOVE the grey Mustang! And the car that had its protective cover “blow off”. That one is nice too. If I were to buy one it would either be a Mustang or a Charger.

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