Party Meatballs

I used Great Value meatballs, but it was a big mistake. Splurge on the good shit.

Party Meatballs

Adapted from Hamilton Beach.

2 (32 oz) pkgs frozen meatballs
1 (16 oz) jar grape jelly
1 (12 oz) jar currant jelly
1 (12 oz) jar chili sauce
1 (12 oz) jar cocktail sauce

Let meatballs thaw in refrigerator overnight.  Put meatballs in a crockpot.  Mix the next 4 ingredients in a bowl and pour on top of meatballs.  Heat on high for 2 hours or until meatballs are warmed through.

Ballllllls!! Mmmmmmm!!

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Party Meatballs

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