Stuffed All Up In Yo’s

They’re only hot if you’re a major pussy.

Stuffed All Up In Yo’s

2 (12 oz) cans mild pickled jalapeno halves
1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese
1 (3 oz) pkg bacon bits
1 (2 oz) pkg pastrami

Strain jalapenos.  Chop pastrami up.  Mix cream cheese, bacon bits, and pastrami together.  Stuff jalapenos with mixture.  Refrigerate for 2 hours.

If your store carries this brand, use it! It’s not as hot as the other brands and you’ll hear a lot less bitching from any fucktards that say they don’t like hot foods after they throw a stuffed jalapeno in their mouth.

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Stuffed All up In Yo’s

Hey, Bitches, recipes are not secrets!!!

This recipe was given to me about seven years ago by a very sweet high school friend and it has been a hit at parties ever since.  I appreciate her kindness and generosity.  Which reminds me of an issue I have with recipe sharing.  I believe that asking for a recipe is a compliment to the person that made the dish.  Recipes are not secrets to me, so I will be sharing any recipe I receive.  I rant on this because I know people that will not give out their recipes or they will only give out a recipe in exchange for another recipe.  I don’t mind exchanging recipes, but it’s not as fun to get a recipe if there are stipulations to it and a forced exchange is a stipulation. 

Let’s do this:  I ask for a recipe.  You give it to me.  I give you a recipe based on the fact that I’m a sharer and I like you, not because I have to pay you back for the recipe you gave me.  End of story.  Fuck the rest of you stuck up recipe bitches.  It wasn’t that good, anyway.  You can choke on my cocktail weenie.

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