I’m Beau.

Here’s a pointer for you music fans: When you meet the lead singer to a band named after the lead singer, don’t ask him what his fucking name is.

ME with Beau Hinze and the Backporch Shufflers at Belle’s Landing on Saturday, June 16th, 2012.

“…and what’s your name?” I asked Beau of the band, Beau Hinze and the Backporch Shufflers, as if I was a total genius to come up with such a question.

His eyebrows knit together and he hesitates as if to make sure I just asked that question before he realizes I’m not joking and kindly, but questioningly, tells me, “I’m Beau,” with a little emphasis on the “Beau” part just to let me know that I’m an idiot.

Dead pan.

I could try to blame my blunder on alcohol, but I was the DD, so I was perfectly sober. And perfectly capable of knowing his name. And perfectly horrified that I asked a perfectly stupid question.

Anyway, we laughed it off and the band graciously thanked my best friend, Angie, and I for coming out to see them play and then we got all fuzzy so Angie could snap a picture of us.  Thanks, Angie!!

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