10 on 10: June

I joined the ten on ten photo project this month where you take ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month.  Thank you Rebekah at a bit of sunshine for ten on ten!
10:14 a. m. She has babies hanging on her stomach.
11:05 a. m. Giving Foxy a rubdown before I leave my house.

12:11 p. m. That huge ass drink is what Whataburger calls a medium.

1:03 p. m. Oh, Chris!  There you are.

2:38 p. m. It’s getting warm outside.  Maybe I should watch another movie.

3:13 p. m. Picked up a new suit to suit my wet summer.
4:01 p. m. About to start cleaning wine bottles for our next rack. (Which is peach wine, by the way.)

5:04 p. m. Making crawfish pie.  All Betty Crocker like.

6:01 p. m. Watching Gone and drinking wine.
6:43 p. m. It’s ready!!!!!
8:02 p. m.  It was an hour ago, but I still feel bad.  I’m an idiot.
It’s actually 11 photos.  I’m not sure how I ended up posting 11 instead of 10, but that’s okay.  One to grow on.  I hope you had an excellent Sunday, June 10th, like I did!!!


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