Jen on the Brazos

For a few years now, I have been thinking of starting an online mag or blog about all the happenings in my area, but I know that something like that would take up a lot of time that I normally devote to kid’s sports or getting drunk. So, one night, I grabbed another beer and googled around for some live music or events that are in my area and I came across a website that was the answer I was looking for. It’s called Jen on the Brazos, and Jen posts weekly live music line ups in my area. Wow! Somebody knows exactly what lazy drunks like me need!!

Meet Jen:

ME and Jen on the Brazos at Belle’s Landing (Which actually is ON THE FUCKING BRAZOS! Check out this girl that just now put two and two together!)

Not only did I refer to her live music calendar to plan out my escapades right away, I also stalked her to a show that she talked about on her blog.  Stalking really does work, because a friendship was born that night and now she has asked me to guest blog about any haps I stumble upon.  What?!!  Fuck yes!! 

Of course, it all started with some emails back and forth that can be summed up like this:

Jen: Do you know anything about music or writing?

ME: No.

Jen: Sounds perfect!

So here is her first installment of ME on her weekly live music calendar:

Now be a honeybun and go comment on how much you love her new fabulous correspondent. ;)


  1. sandra

    Actually it hasen´t been to hard to write in english, so I think im gonna keep dooing it! Im happy that you are following my blog! Hugs

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