Avon Calling! (Campaign 7/8)

Hello Ladies!!!
This message is to inform you that
I am submitting an Avon order this Monday, the 9th!!

If you want a book, they are on my porch and on me, so drop by and pick one up or ask for one. Or shop from my store online…

(all purple text is linked)

Let me begin with a product I DO NOT recommend:

Speed Dry Nail Enamel – This could totally be user error, but…. Speed is right!  I can’t get it on my nails fast enough before it dries, leaving me with clumpy nail color.  The clumps don’t dry, only the part that went on thin dries fast.  If you’re quick as lightening at painting your nails, then get this stuff because the colors are pretty and it dries super fast. 

Here is a list of some of my favorite things from Avon:

Mega Impact Eye Liner ($3.99) – This is THE liner for a make up junkie like me.  It beats the high-end liners (like Urban Decay liners that sell for $17) in price and formula.  It’s a gel liner, so it glides on effortlessly and it’s perfect for using on your upper and lower water line.  One downfall is that it’s a pencil and it gets dull quickly, so you have to keep sharpening it, which means I go through one brown shimmer pencil every couple of months.  The only other downfall is that it only comes in four colors.  I’d like one of these in every color, please, thanks, i love you, bu-bye!

Big Color Glossy Lip Pencil ($3.99) – If lipstick and lip gloss had a baby, this is what would be born.  I just tried mine (in Glossy Sunset) for the first time today and it is so smooth and pretty and has great staying power.  I also like that I can line my cupid’s bow and corners with the tip.  It makes it seem ridiculous that all lipsticks aren’t pointed.

Comfy Flip Flops ($14.99 – BOGO for $1.99) – You won’t believe it by the the look of them (because I sure didn’t), but these are so comfortable!  They are just what you beach bunnies need this summer!


Your Avon Lady

SAMPLES AND TRIAL SIZES:  Avon carries samples and trial sizes of many of their skin care products, fragrances, and lip colors. Let me know if you see something you’d like to try and I’ll see if I can get a trial size or sample of it. Trial sizes are normally $2.50 or $5.00 and SAMPLES ARE FREE.

ORDERING: You can order directly off of my Avon website, or use the website to create your order and email it to me. If you order directly off the website, you can have it delivered to me to avoid shipping charges (my order will be delivered to me on Friday, April 13th), or you out-of-towners can get front door service for free right now with a $30 order (use code FS30REP at checkout).
PRICES: The prices on the website reflect the current prices in the books. All prices in this blog post are only good until the next campaign cycle, so get it while it’s hot!

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