Avon Calling! (Campaign 6)

If you don’t know already, I sell Avon.  I just started giving little reviews/recommendations of some of my favorite products to my customers via email.  However, my computer is back from the shop and I have decided to include my monthly Avon updates as blog posts because I’m so excited I have a computer again!!  I hope you like the reviews!  They go a little something like this…..

Hello Ladies!!!

This message is to inform you that

I am submitting an Avon order this Friday!!

I will be going to be out of town most of next week, so I am going to ask you kind ladies to get your orders in by March 9th, which is this Friday.

If you want a book, I will have them on my porch (watch out for the bikes!) and on me all week, so drop by any time and pick one up or ask for one. Or shop from my store online…

(all purple text is linked)

This month, I am starting off with a product I DO NOT recommend:

ExtraLasting Eyeshadow – I have tried this eyeshadow in Rose Mist and I applied it over an eye primer.

1) The texture is fluffy and it can get messy getting it out of the container.

2) Because of the design, the sponge tip doesn’t get a consistent amount of shadow on it when you reload it. A brush (I’m an eyeshadow brush girl) will not fit inside this container and the sponge just doesn’t “do it” for me.

3) It lasted for about 6 hours, which is about as long as most other eye shadows I use over a primer, so the “ExtraLasting” name is a straight up lie.

4) I can’t just bash this product completely because the color came out very pigmented and very pretty and it feels like it’s wet when you apply it. The wet feeling is so refreshing to me. Mind you, it feels wet, but it’s actually dry.

Now that we go that out of the way…. Here is a list of some of my favorite things from Avon:

Eye Makeup Remover Lotion ($.99) – This is the lowest price it will ever get. I normally stock up when it’s on sale. One bottle lasts me a month and I use it once a day. Just a dime sized dollop will get Tammy Faye Baker looking like Joel Osteen!

SuperExtend Extreme Mascara ($5.99) – One of my huge secrets about Avon is that they have some of the best mascaras out there. The first time I used this, I got what looked like fake eyelashes all over me. Now this mascara works for me because I told it who is BOSS! I use this because my eyelashes are my statement piece, so wear it to make a statement, or wear it if you need fuller, longer lashes. Only one coat will get you glamorEYEzed and three coats will get Joel Osteen looking like Tammy Faye Baker!

Eyeshadow Quad ($4.99) – These quads have great color combos. For a work look, go for the Blushing Raisins quad. For a cook out, get Caribbean Sunset. I recommend using these over an eyeshadow primer or a cream eyeshadow base. With a base or primer, the colors will come out more vibrant and stay on longer.  Plus, the color combos take out the guess work of coordinating colors.

Avon carries samples and trial sizes of many of their skin care products. If you’re in the market for a new eye cream or day/night cream, just let me know and I’ll see if I can get a trial size or sample of it. Trial sizes are normally $2.50 or $5.00 and samples are FREE.

Your Avon Lady

P. S.  You can order directly off of my Avon website, or use the website to create your order and email it to me. The prices on the website reflect the current prices in the books. If you order directly off the website, you can have it delivered to me to avoid shipping charges (my order will delivered to me on Friday, March 16th), or you out-of-towners can get front door service for free right now with a $30 order (use code FS30REP at checkout).

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