31 Days of Giving -Day 20

Snack Down Rules

1. Bring whatever food you want to bring.
2. We eat until someone passes out, then we slow down.

This year, we have been lucky enough to hold three snack downs at my office.  We always turn out an amazing spread.  I normally take one food item to the down, but for today’s snack down, I made three!  Here they are and here are the recipes.  (click on the names to go to the recipes)

Crack Dip with tortilla chips – This stuff is a little strong on the Ranch dressing taste, but once you start eating it, you can’t stop, so I’m guessing the Ranch is the crack.  Also, I’ve tried many recipes from this blog and I’m in love with the Plain Chicken lady.  In LOVE.

Praline-topped Brie with Town House Crackers – I am having a hard time getting used to the cheese flavor mixed with the sweetness of the marmalade. 

Ranch Oyster Crackers – These are great!  They would be good for a game day or any shindig where you have peanuts or other finger foods.  It’s the kind of snack where you eat only a handful at a time and then come back to it later pretending you just found it for the first time.

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