I’m a Slush

Having a wine cooler involves a lot more responsibility than I ever imagined.  I have had my 20 bottle wine cooler for about 2 years now and I think I’m finally figuring out the logistics to keeping it full and having a variety.  Since I have learned a thing or two about a thing or two, I created three easy rules to live by.

Rule #1: Buy two bottles of your favorite and four bottles of any other variety once a month. (You can get 10% off at H-E-B if you buy 6 bottles and 20% off of 12.)

Rule #2: Don’t wait until you run dry before you stock up on more wine. Having a wine cooler is all about stock. Stock. Stock. Stock.

Rule #3: Limit yourself to one glass a night. That way, it’s easier to convince yourself that you are over your limit after your second glass.

Here is my stock.

The whole enchilada.  Notice the strategic layering.  Leave that to the professionals.

The top rack.  I chill some liquors and mixers in my wine cooler, too.  If you want to spoil me, you’ll buy me Zing Zang and Tito’s (see next pic) so I can make the most perfect Bloody Marys in a snap.

The second rack.  These are all oversized bottles and great for parties.  If you’re new to wine, drink the Ste. Genevieve Sweet Moscato (far right).

The third rack.  Lindemans (second from the left) is my favorite chardonnay based on price ($4) and flavor (bold, but not too dry).

The fourth rack.  The blackberry merlot (second from the right) is for the kids.

The bottom rack. Wilson Creek Almond Champagne (far left and far right) is a treat and the most expensive ($15)  wine/champagne I buy.

A cutting board for cheese, some bar tools, and an emergency bottle of merlot, in case we ever run dry.  Plus, an awesome antique fan refurbished by my Uncle BB.

The reds, a couple of reserves, a few saved corks, and a drawer full of drink accessories (straws, stoppers, toothpicks).  Plus, a bottle of champagne (bottom left) left over from our marriage reception that we will open on our 50th anniversary.  Some people do cake.  We do alcohol.

Don’t get too jealous.  This is the fullest my stock has ever been and it is already showing signs of depletion.  Now, bounce your happy ass over to my house and let’s have a drink!

For further reading, here are some awesome illustrated wine etiquette tips: Wine Etiquette

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