Funk Family Photo

My family.  We were never the type of people that wear matching outfits and hire a photographer to snap pictures of us walking hand in hand down the beach.  We’re the type of people that find a photo that we think is totally gangsta and recreate it.  That is exactly what we did for my Mom’s birthday a few years ago.

The picture is a polaroid of my parents and some of their friends, circa New Year’s Eve 1981.  It is amazing.  The pullover sweaters, the Farrah Fawcett wings, the crepe paper. 

Here is the original…. My Mom is on the bottom right with the margarita we still can’t pry from her hand.  My dad’s brother, BB, is on the bottom left with the molestache.  My Dad, the goofball in the back with someone’s bitchin’ Boston Terrier. 

Here is our awesome recreation…Also, this picture shows the subjects of most of my posts, so now you get to meet everybody in their finest form.  In the front from the left: Me, Ducky, Champ Superstar.  In the back: Babafa, Fiata, Bud, Pepper.

The backdrop is my Mom’s living room because it glows with the early 80’s pallette we needed. The bad patterns and sweater vests were raided from my Mom’s closet.  We couldn’t find party hats, so we taped plastic cups to our heads.  This was three years ago, so the kids were 3 and 5 and already such good sports.  You have no idea how many takes it took to get this one.  Wait, here’s an idea.  Here are the other takes….

It was fun making a memory to jog my Mom’s memory for her birthday.  I love my family and our awesome ideas.  
We put the funk in disfunctional!


  1. aA

    SO NICE that you could take this seemingly random opportunity to poke fun at your Mom's enduring decor and her penchant for hanging on to certain kinds of clothing that sport, ah, let's just say "vintage" patterns…You are obviously a caring and twistedly sentimental psychopath with deep, serious issues. I am personally ashamed of the abuse that you subjected all of the subjects to. The kids being "good sports" about it all has nothing to do with the fact that you provide their meals, does it? And the DOG, hah! PETA is getting an email with a link to this blog. So sweet! (so is antifreeze, and we know what THAT does to you!)aAps: Thanks for commenting on my blog! Keep doing it, even from jail! 🙂

  2. PaChomp

    Oh, Geezer! Believe it or not, this is the first time I have been compared to antifreeze. I take that as a compliment! Thank you!Also, I'm glad at least one person wants to hear from me when I'm in jail. You can count on it!Your blog is great. I need more!!

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