Girlfriends Cruise!! ….errr… I mean Tejano Cruise!!!

Five of my girls and I decided to ditch the dudes and go on a four day “girlfriends cruise” to Cozumel, Mexico.  Yippee!!  Great idea, right?  We’re going to go a place where there are no dishes, no work, no husbands, no rules, no worries, and no responsibilities!!  We’re all so excited we can’t take it and we can’t wait!

Then two girls drop out.

Oh well, we’ll still have a blast!!! We’ll drink one for you, Bitches!!!

Then another girl drops out.

Ok, well, I guess the remaining three of us can share a room since you are required to have at least 2 to each room.  Fuck the rest of you drop outs!  We can party with or without you!

Then another girl drops out on the day of our cruise.


Well…let’s go ahead and go and try to entertain each other, Angie.  Woohoo.  Yay.  We’ll make our own little party.  I guess.

I thought I would be seasick for 2 of the 4 days and I’d feel so horrible for leaving Angie with nothing to do except hold my hair back and bring me water and Dramamine.

You know what?  I didn’t get sick and

First off, Angie was amazing and fun and made the most of every moment without hesitation.  She was the best friend to have at a two person party.  
We lounged and ordered room service and talked to everybody and dressed up and got lost on the ship and drank mimosas and Courvoisier (which turned out to be a bad idea, but I felt ten feet tall ordering it) and talked smooth enough to join the exclusive Tejano Cruise parties and listened to Tejano bands with 500 Mexicans and learned to dance and spoke broken Spanish (un poquito) and got shout outs from the DJ and screamed our heads off every time they said “gringas!” because we were the only girls there that weren’t Mexican and because we were drunk and because we were having a blast.  
We were Mexicanized by the time we got to Cozumel, so we walked the streets of the city and took cabs and rented a car and dodged babies on mopeds and drove all the way around the island and saw Mayan ruins and put our feet in the water and dreamed about living there.  
Back on the boat, we heard “mira, there’s those Teeny, Texas girls” and “we’ll see you at the dance tonight, chicas” and we felt great about being out and meeting new people and feeling everything is right with the world.  Then we giggled and giggled and giggled and got lost on the ship over and over.


I’d like to thank Babafa for encouraging me to have a good time and for promising I shouldn’t worry about anything at home because he’s got it taken care of.  He did.  And I did.  

I’d also like to thank Angie for being so carefree and funny and intelligent and careful and happy and carpe diem-ish and giggly, but, most of all, I thank Angie for NOT DROPPING OUT!

The “girlfriends cruise” rocked our socks so much that we’re ready to set sail on the next one in February 2012!  

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