Come One, Come All!!

Mom:  “Ducky, if you ever get to be in the circus, what are you going to do?  Train the elephants?”

Ducky:  “No.”

Mom:  “Train the bears?”

Ducky:  “Nope.”

Mom:  “Then, tell me, what do you want to do?”

Ducky:  “The girls!!”

Then he lays back with a grin, crosses his legs, rests his hands behind his head, looks dreamily at the ceiling, and says, “I’m doing the girls.”
If you know me, you know I like LOVE to read.  If I make you read my blog, you will also know that I planned a Book/Movie Combo thing in January to gear up for Water for Elephants the movie.  I love the movie.  I love the book.  I love my book club girls.  It was a great night.
This post isn’t a movie or book review, though.  It’s a life review.  Kind of.
Because of Water for Elephants, my life has changed a wee bit.  Every time I see something about the circus or about elephants, I stop to see what’s up.  I even did a double take in the hallway earlier because I saw a bowl of peanuts on a filing cabinet.  I’ve been on high alert for circus whatnot since I read the book two years ago.  Now my interest is heightened since I read the book the second time and finally got to see the movie. 

When my Mom told me that her and Mama Gee wanted to take Ducky, Fiata, and one of Mama Gee’s relatives to the circus, my heart grew warm and my eyes lit up.  When I realized it was the same day as Buzz Fest, which is an all day music festival that we already had tickets for, my heart sank and grew another thorn on the side that pokes into my lung.

However, I did get to enjoy some pictures and lots of stories of the Most Spectacular Show on Earth.
Ducky said the clowns and the bears rode motorcycles.
He said there were a hundred elephants and they stood on their front legs with their back legs in the air all at the same time. 
He also said a baby bear walked on his front paws across the stage and down steps without falling.
Fiata covered Ducky’s eyes every time the pretty girls came out.
I loved the pictures of the kids, but the next picture touched me the most because two of the main characters in Water for Elephants is a blond female performer named Marlena and an elephant named Rosie. 
In the book/movie, Rosie is very clever.  I have a soft spot for clever girls.
I don’t want to miss the circus the next time they come.  I know I’ll be looking for the differences between illusion and reality, which is a main theme of the book.  I’ll watch the dwarf clowns and performers.  I’ll look for the horse trainer and roustabouts.  Hell, I’ll probably even keep an eye out for the Coochie Tent.  
If you still haven’t read Water for Elephants, I recommend it.  I recommend watching the movie afterward, also.  I’m not saying it will change your life even a wee bit, but it certainly affected mine.


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