Mutton Bustin’ Champion

So Ducky survived Mutton Bustin’ at the HLSR.  He’s ready to do it again next year, which will be the last year he will be eligible to ride.  We told the kid to hold on, but he clearly thought we said, “Take him down!”  Here are some pictures of the event….

This was the day they took his picture for the big screen.
Ducky got to meet Howdy, the HLSR mascot.  The kid was stoked.
He also got to meet some Rodeo Clowns Bullfighters.
We sat really close to the action while we waited for Mutton Bustin’ to start.
He wore the feathers from his cowboy hat on his helmet for good luck.
The sheep is in that pin.  He got to size up the sheep and give him a stern talking to about who’s boss.
 Then they loaded Ducky onto the sheep and gave him a few pointers.
Then they sprung the gate and Ducky tried his hardest to take the sheep down faster than anybody else.
Close up of the action.
Here’s a shot of the big screen that my Mom took from her seat. That’s where his photo from picture day ended up.
 Here he is dusting off and then he pulls a wedgie in front of Houston, TX.
 He looked exactly like all the other riders, so my Mom took random shots of the screen hoping he was in one of them.
 Then he got his buckle and his trophy for Participation.  Don’t tell him that, though.  He swears it says Champion.
Then this cowboy was ready to hang up his hat.  Babafa carried him out to the wagon for the trail ride home.
Ducky would like to thank everybody that came to see him, even though it only took him about one second to bring down that sheep.  Come on out next year when his trophy will, yet again, say Mutton Bustin’ Champion.

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