How to Be a Badass

PaChomp:  “Okay, now look at me like you’re ready to kick some ass.”
Tee Ball Opening Day

Ducky’s games are HILARIOUS! All the kids are picking flowers and spinning circles. They swing ten times before they hit the ball off the tee, then they run the wrong direction. It’s so awesome.

In Ducky’s first game, he got the ball and threw it at the kid running to first to get him out. It hit him in the high thigh, lower abdomen area. It was a good hit. Nice and solid. The kid never knew what was coming.

In Ducky’s second game, he got the ball and tagged a kid out. I was so excited that he made a legal play. I was screaming right in his ear, pretty much, like four feet away, yelling, “TAG him!! TAG him!! Do NOT throw it at him!!”

This was at tryouts last month.  He’s dancing.  He was such a rookie back then.

I grew up in a Play Ball Family.  Everyone in my family hit home runs and made game plays every time they touched the ball.  These skills faded out at me, but I still played my heart out mediocre-ly (I have a small vocab, so I often make my own) and tried my best not to “fuck up our good name royally”, just like I was told before every game.

Thankfully, the Legacy lives again with Ducky and his cousin, Fiata.  (Otherwise, I may have still felt like the family sporting failure.)  Fiata is the 6 year old version of my Mom, who was an amazing softball player all the way through her 30’s.  Watching the perfect spin on the ball Ducky whizzed at that kid proved to us all that he’s got the Play Ball Family gene, too.

What’s best about the whole thing is that both kids play with their whole hearts like we did.  Fiata said, “I’m going to play softball all through school until they tell me ‘Game Over!'”  I believe every word of it.


  1. aA

    This is some good stuff. Just what the blog format was made for. And I am proud for you that the wee lad was given a sporting chance! There is hope for our nation…

  2. Controlling My Chaos

    Ha! I loathed watching Zoe Bug play TeeBall the one and only time. She spent most of her time sitting on the grass looking for bugs. It sounds like you are have a little more excitement though. Cute tough look on the little man.

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