Mancakes for All

Samantha: So, how were they?

Carrie: The pancakes? Delicious, exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t get enough.

Samantha: No, I was referring to the “moves”.

Carrie: Delicious, exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t get enough.

Months ago, while surfing breakfast recipes, I found one called Beer and Bacon Mancakes.
 (Skim recipe now because I refer to it throughout this entire post.)  I printed it and then skillfully etched it into the part of my brain that forgets.
Last Sunday, our family of three woke up with an itch.  An itch to eat.  An itch to cook.  An itch to create.

The three of us took turns scanning the refrigerator.  The freezer.  The pantry.  Then going back to the refrigerator.  Freezer.  Pantry.  Waiting for something in the form of delicious goodness to catch our eyes and breed itself into a beautiful concoction of Tasty Love.  This Ain’t No Ordinary Love.  It’s Tasty Love.

We found an obvious choice: 
However, the itch to create was eating away at us and my mind slowly opened up to reveal none other than the Beer and Bacon Mancakes recipe.  We broke out the bacon and rejoiced!
We didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  For one, we already had the spectacularly easy Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour pancake mix, so why fuck up a good thing, right?  Secondly, I broke my recipe down into 271 generously explained, super easy steps.
Here we go!
The instructions on the bottle say to fill it with water to the line that is on the bottle.  Cap it.  Shake it.  Instead of water, I used beer.
STEP ONE: Open the beer, pour it in a glass and let it foam.  Let it sit until the foam is gone.
If you don’t let it sit, it will foam too much when you add it to the Shake ‘n Pour.
STEP TWO:  In the mean time, cook your bacon until it’s pretty crispy, but not burned.  
We didn’t put brown sugar on our bacon like the recipe, but that’s something I plan to do with prior proper planning. 
We used black pepper bacon because we’re Southern and that’s in The Handbook.
STEP THREE:  Once your bacon is cooked, well drained, and cooled, chop it up into small pieces.  As small as you can get them.  Like pea sized.
I was a wee bit hungover and not finished with my bloody mary, yet, so I quit chopping after the heavy chopping motions made me nautious.  Mine were quarter sized.
STEP FOUR:  Slowly pour your beer into the bottle up to the line.  Cap it.  Shake what yo momma gave ya.  
Not really.  That shit would have foamed up all over the kitchen if I shook what my momma gave me.  So take it easy.  Just take your time and do little shakes with frequent pauses to see if it’s foaming.  The boring way to do this would be to pour the bottle contents into a bowl and then fold in the beer.  That would probably take one hand to stir and one hand to hold the bowl.  I needed my other hand for my bloody mary.  Solely based on that, I went the one-handed route.
STEP FIVE:  Open the bottle and add your bacon.
STEP SIX:  Cap it.  Shake it again.

I assume you were smarter than me and preheated your skillet with a little dab of butter in the middle.  If not, then…
STEP SEVEN:  Get your skillet out and heat it on medium high and throw a little dab of butter in the middle.  
STEP EIGHT:  When the butter melts, give your bottle another little shake and pour out some 4″ cakes.
  You can do bigger, but we stuck with four inches because we’re on a diet.
Both of them.
Mrs. Butterworth’s used to be my favorite syrup.  Now it’s this organic stuff.  The organic kind is super expensive, but I love it and I hardly use syrup, so this one bottle lasts me a long time.  That’s how I rationalize the $7.50 I paid for it.  (Hint:  Grade A is better than Grade B.)
STEP TEN:  Stack the cakes.  Spread the butter.  Pour the syrup.  Garnish with bacon.
There are 261 more steps.  One for each calorie.


  1. aA

    Dear BeerBaconPancakeLady;Do you, in your vast experience of something, think that Shiner Black would be a good choice for this recipe? I am intrigued, yet a little bit afraid, like the time that I committed to jumping off of the 40 ft. railroad trestle at Rio Vista Park in San Marcos. My friends were all there and I said, "Heck YEAH, I'll do that…" but when I was standing there on the precipice, I questioned my judgement.That's how I feel about this, except without the fear that I would break my neck. Awaiting your reply with a bottle opener…aA "the Geezer"

  2. PaChomp

    Hey Geezer!We used a can of Lone Star. You can really only go up from there, so I think that a Shiner Black would only improve the Tasty Love.Actually, I think a dark malt is a grand idea and I'm grateful that you came to me with this for future use in my test kitchen.I would also like to add…Since you're alive and well, I think your zealous jump off a 40 ft bridge was a grand idea, also. You never would have known how genius you are if you hadn't jumped. And survived.Take a leap! Use a Shiner Black!BeerBaconPancakeLady

  3. aA

    Dear BeerBaconPancakeLady,Have you made this again? With something other than rot-gut Lone Star? Have you ventured into the Shiner realm, or are you just not telling?I have an inquiring mind. I want to know. But I also have ADD, so I'll probably forget, too. 🙂

  4. PaChomp

    No Sir-ee, I have not recreated these yet. Your inquiry has prompted me to put it on my to do list. When I do, I will most definitely post an update with a thumbs up or thumbs down rating as compared to this original work of art. Thank you so much for elbowing me in the ribs about it. Sometimes that's all I need to get going.

  5. aA

    Dear BeerBaconPancakeLady,I done it! My daughter and son-in-law came in for Christmas and with it HE brung a love of Shiner and bacon. What better time to try out your recipe? This morning was the time!! Used Shiner Bock and regular bacon…Excellent results! Thanks for the inspiration!OH, and Rhonna told me that today is your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ms Pa Chomp!!

  6. aA

    OK, you have created a monster, or at least HELPED create a monster. What kind of monster is this? It's a Mancakes Monster! I made yet another batch of them, this time with Shiner Black. OHSOGOOD. Do it. Now. NOW

  7. PaChomp

    You have no idea how happy this makes me! I'm so glad I could contribute to something so sinful and delicious! I will definitely try it with Shiner Black this weekend. I have everything else I need. Just missing the Shiner Black. I'm so proud of you! My child!

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