Eh vuh ree thuh iih nnn guh

Ducky: “Will you make me mackenroni and cheese?”

PaChomp: “Certainly.”

Ducky: “Will you make me a drink?”

PaChomp: “Sure. Why aren’t you eating your maccaroni?”

Ducky: “It’s too hot.”

PaChomp: “Then blow on it.”

Ducky: “I did.  It’s still too hot.”

PaChomp: “Then stir it while you blow on it.”

Ducky: “Will you stir it and blow on it for me?”

PaChomp: “No.”

Ducky: “Why not?”

We have this same conversation over and over.  This time I decided to fill him in on why….

PaChomp: “I’ll do some things, like heat up maccaroni and pour your juice, but I’m not going to baby you and do all the things you’re completely capable of doing yourself because I don’t want to be one of those Mom’s that does EVERYTHING for their kids.”

Ducky: “I don’t want you to do EVERYTHING.  I just want you to do this ONE THING.”

I just can’t win.

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