Love At First Bite

Let me set up the story a bit:

So all I do is read these days.  A few months ago, I decided I could read any book, no matter what the subject.  As long as I’m reading, I am content.  This raised a major veil in my way of thinking and turned out to be perfect timing because a vampire book club was created in my hometown the next week so I decided to join even though I’m not big on vamp books, but at least I could talk to more people about books (aside from Nana, who is my best book-loving friend forever).  Now I’ve been reading my ass off for my own pleasure and to keep up with my book club.

Nana and PaChomp BFFF

One of mine and Nana’s favorite authors from when we were in high school is Christopher Pike.  Christopher Pike is the Master of Horror.  Plus his Young Adult pocket books have very adult material so we felt more mature just for knowing about his books and, quite frankly, just for being the awesome people we are.

I have grown more fond of vamp subjects and characters since I joined the book club, which is appropriately named the “Love At First Bite” Book Club, by the way, and I have even added a few vamp reading choices to my list outside of the required book club readings.

That’s the setup!  Here’s the story!

A week ago, I started reading a series of books, called The Last Vampire, by Christopher Pike.  I am in my room, lights out, book light only, it’s pouring down rain outside, and the house is quiet inside.  Ducky fell asleep hours ago.  I can hear Babafa dreaming beside me.  The main character is female and ruthless and confident and has killed thousands the past five thousand years of her existence.  I’m so into the history of how she became a vampire and the blood and gore of it all and then I go to turn the page and, out my peripheral view, I see a black figure in the corner of the room and it grows bigger and bigger.  I jump out of my skin and pop off a big scream as I whip my head around to see what the black figure is.  I’m in a state of panic and I feel cardiac arrest coming on when I realize my book light cast a shadow of my thumb on the wall and it appeared to grow as I moved to turn the page.  You can stop being alarmed.  I’m only afraid of my shadow, that’s all.  I felt like the Cowardly Lion when he screams and says, “Someone’s pulling on my tail!!!”, and he is told that he is holding his own tail.  I forced a nervous laugh at myself and picked up a Chelsea Handler book to read myself to sleep.  After a laugh the next day, Babafa got a lamp to put on my side of the bed.  No more monsters and no more heart attacks.

On a side note….

This story is as equally humiliating as the time I was reading Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief with Ducky’s Shrek flashlight and he came into my room and confiscated it from me because I told him to go to bed.  If he had to go to bed, he was going to make damn sure I went to bed too!  Babafa bought me my very own book light after that laugh.  And now you know how the book light story turned about.

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