So Little Time, So Much to Say

I just made my first post in the past couple of weeks.  I haven’t forgotten about my blog.  I’ve got so many stories to tell.  I’m keeping a list in my head.  I really should write them down so I don’t leave any out.  Don’t be alarmed, though.  I have 5 excuses!

1.  I just finished wrapping up the project I have been on for the past 6 months.  Whew!  I still need a celebratory beer to wash down the stress.
2.  Babafa wrecked his truck and now we’re down to one car and a Harley that needs work.  Don’t worry, he’s still kicking.  Good thing Babafa went to Harley school.  I’m just spending more time on the phone with the insurance company and the bank.
3.  Ducky has been doing egg hunting trial runs to prepare for the big Easter egg hunt at his daycare.  This was a HUGE fucking deal.
4.  Kiki is officially a backyard dog.  All the indoor drama aside, this involved many scrap pieces of wood covering the weak spots in the fence, cement blocks to cover openings under the house, chicken wire to block off the picket fence, you get the idea.  Babafa actually did all the work, but I put in a lot of time bitching while he worked.
5.  And, finally…with our current financial woes, vehicle losses, and doggy disasters, Babafa and I have taken to getting wasted and I can’t type well when I’m three sheets to the wind.
Anyway, things are still great.  Babafa, Ducky, and I can get through anything and this blog keeps me going.  It makes me appreciate the little things like Ducky’s faces and Bud being single…still.  Just know that there’s more where this came from and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  I love you all!!!  Muah!!!!

Oh yeah, I also need to add that I want to keep my blog public, but I’ve changed it up a little for security reasons.  I’ve created stage names for everyone mentioned in any of my posts and I added a cast of characters to the right so you’ll know who’s who.  I’m sure people will be able to hack into my life no matter what measures I take, but if they find this I hope they laugh…and then I hope they get what’s coming to them.

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