Kill or Be Killed

This story is about Pepper.  A six year old, part dachshund, part wire-haired terrier.
Pepper is a wind-in-her-beard, family dog by day….
…and a pure bred killing machine by night.
Her evenings are spent patrolling the perimeter in hopes of ridding our home and yard of the latest gang activity. 
Last Wednesday witnessed her second kill.  It was a testament to her abilities.  After placing the kill near the front door, she pushed her way into the house, sat on the couch, propped her feet on the coffee table, and calmly said, “Beer.”  
The criminal?  A member of the South Squirrel Mafia, locally known as SSM.  For the past year, our neighborhood has been taken over by these button-eyed, bushy-tailed, nut-eating rodents.  Pepper, for one, can’t. stand. it.  She has a plan to annihilate each of them, one member at a time, by a simple beheading, the details of which she lays out in what she calls the Decapitation Proclamation.  
It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to put their life on the line to keep us from harm.  Why not the smallest member of our family?  I once pleaded with her, “Pepper, I’m so concerned for your safety.  Don’t you think we should let the boxer take on such a huge and dangerous responsibility?”  She spit in my face.  
She has recently enlisted Kiki, the boxer, as her back up.  Maybe Kiki will have her day in the line of fire once her training is complete.  
Pepper’s honor, courage, and commitment is not only for her own self-worth, but also for her family and her home that must be protected from the SSM at all times and at all costs.  God be with her.

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