Story Blanket

Dear Story,

 This quilt top was made by your Grandma Noon.  She worked hard to finish it before you arrived, but left it for me to finish when she became too ill.  It was an honor to take up where she left off.
Grandma has taught me how to sew since I was a little girl.  She would let me cut the pieces and put them in order.  Together, we made pillow cases, aprons, hot pads, and a super hero cape for my son.  I learned to clean the sewing machine and thread it.  I loved the smell of the heat coming from the machine and the steady hammering sound it made.  I always looked forward to seeing Grandma’s new quilt tops when I would visit.  I would finger through her next patterns and fabric pieces.  She had an eye for picking colors that didn’t make sense to me.  Then, I would see the finished product and all the colors and prints looked so perfect together.  I envied the days I would be able to sew my own patches together and pick my own colors.
Our Aunt Bear would bind each quilt that Grandma Noon started.  They were a perfect team and won many quilting competitions for their work.  Aunt Bear passed away and Grandma Noon followed her soon after.  With them, left the tired hands of two best friends and great quilters.  They left big shoes to fill. 
When I first started sewing, I had no idea what a huge responsibility I was really taking on.  This quilt put me in my place.  You can see flaws in the stitches from me and from Grandma.  When I look at those flaws, what I really see is Grandma sitting in her sewing room and wondering who the little girl is that will be using this blanket.  I see her trying to hold on to her health as long as possible to meet you and give you the blanket herself.  I see a woman putting her sickness aside to carry on a tradition.  I see her rushing the fabric through the machine and never minding the flaws to finish the quilt that was meant for you.  When I study these flaws, I see me trying to remember everything Grandma taught me.  I see my mind overwhelmed with where to begin.  I see me sitting next to Grandma and learning to sew.  I see me wondering why I never learned how to bind a quilt from Aunt Bear.  I see me watching videos on YouTube called “How to Bind a Quilt”.  I see the mistakes I made and where I taught myself to correct them.  With the last stitch, I look at the last quilt top Grandma made and the first quilt I’ve ever binded, and I see you.
I thought sewing would just be a small time hobby.  I thought I learned these things so I could patch holes in my clothes and make pillows at most.  I had no idea I was learning how to carry on a tradition in our family.  I thank Grandma for giving me that.
I hope you grow up with this quilt and, when you look at it, I hope you see your first lost tooth and first birthday.  I hope you see your Mom and Dad.  I hope you see your family and our traditions.  I hope you see a great life full of love like your Grandma Noon had.
Love Always,
Your Cousin PaChomp


  1. Anonymous

    Beautifully said. I'm crying and so proud your are my niece. I love you Jamie. I love you for what you have accomplished and for realizing and seeing further than most in that special quilt.

  2. Anonymous

    Dearest JamieThis was a beautiful story and I cried most of the way through. Your Grandma Pat was a special person and I am so glad you had the experiences you two had and especially glad she taught you to sew. We are so proud of you, Declan & Brian. We are also proud to be your grandparents. We love you very much. p.s. I am still looking for the nudity, haven't found it yet.

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