I’ll be leaving on a jet plane in about 5 hours to see Babafa in Phoenix. I can’t wait. It will be my first weekend without my son in the past year. I am relieved to get some time off from him, but I’m kind of scared to be without him.

I depend on him as much as he depends on me. He’s my backbone now that Babafa is so far away. The poor little guy doesn’t even realize how much responsibility he has in keeping me sane and he is not even 2 years old.

He will be under the watchful eye of my brother and my mother. I know he’s in good hands.

I’m not worried about him.

It’s me.

I’m worried about me.

I think I should rephrase my sentence, “I depend on him as much as he depends on me” to say, “I depend on him.”

Great. Now I’m crying about it. I am such a wuss.

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  1. [sierra.elizabeth]

    I’m Native American too, Migmag (or micmac, they’re always changing it). My dad lives on the reservation in New Brunswick and he’s really involved in the culture but I don’t know much about it. He does the Sundance and things like that. I went to see it once and it was pretty interesting.

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