Life List (Err… Bucket List)

I heard about this from another blog (that’s way more entertaining than mine).

1. Go scuba diving.

2. Run a marathon.

3. Donate a large sum of money to an organization that I agree with (which will take much consideration).

4. Buy a house. DONE!

5. Have more kids.

6. Have no debt.

7. Lose 30 lbs.

8. See Ireland, Tokyo, Mayan ruins DONE!, Brazil, New York, Dubai, India, Manila, the Great Barrier Reef, Alaska.

9. Own a diamond.

10. Own a Coach bag (DONE!) and Jimmy Choo shoes.

11. Make up with Nana. DONE!

12. Forgive Dad. DONE!

13. Never miss Green Corn.

14. Pay Mom back. DONE!

15. Save money.

16. Be less anal about cleanliness. DONE!

17. Be more spontaneous. DONE!

18. Sew a quilt.

19. Scan all my old photos and add to my digital photo album.

20. Own Photoshop.

21. Learn to use Photoshop.

22. Sleep under the stars (on a cot, but no tent or covering).

23. Paint on canvas.

24. Frame my favorite shots. DONE!

25. Tell Babafa how much he means to me. DONE!

26. Finish Ducky’s baby book.

27. Go out with friends more often. DONE! (We have girl’s movie night, girl’s night out, and I just joined a book club.)

28. Don’t flirt. I’m married. Babafa is hotter than them anyway.

29. Forgive Babafa for not being here and never bring it up again. DONE! (Success so far and I haven’t even wanted to bring it up.)

30. Drink more gourmet coffee. DONE!

31. Become a regular at a place again.

32. Pray.

33. Stop keeping my feelings inside. DONE! (And now I don’t see how I ever did to begin with.)

34. Stop acting like everything is fine when it’s not.

35. Listen to Babafa more.

36. Dance in the rain.

37. Pee in a river.

38. Climb a tree.

39. Learn to speak Creek.

40. Tell Mom what she means to me.

41. Donate an organ BEFORE I die.

42. Do more work at work.

43. Be more patient.

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