Planning a Reunion is the Pits

This is my bitch session for the moment.

I dove into planning my 10 Year Reunion this past January. We set the date for late August. I’ve got 2 more months. It has been fun at times, but now it’s getting to where I am having to take on so much of the workload that it’s fun for everybody but me. How the hell did this happen? I signed on to HELP plan. Not do it all.

Our Class President lives 6 hours away from our hometown and I live in it. So I agreed to take over most of his responsibilities as the head planner. I have organized our thoughts and solutions and appointed the other planners to take on certain tasks. I am as super busy as any of the other planners, but I really feel like I’m doing all of the work.

I was not fed up until I stayed up until 1 am printing invitations and stuffing envelopes. I had mentioned that I would HELP whoever volunteers to do the invitations. That was a waste. I absolutely love the planner that volunteered, but I got really aggravated with her when we did not get anything done the day I went to HELP her. All I got out of it was an earful about how she doesn’t like to do anything and how she thinks the reunion, that I have worked very hard on, has turned into a joke because it is not at a ritzy place and we’re having BBQ instead of steaks and grilled chicken.

We’re having it at a bar and grill because we are getting a really good deal on it and because our town is really small and country-like, so this small and country-like bar fits the mood we want to set. Likewise with the BBQ.

I know she would not have said those things if she knew how offended I would be. I never let her know I was offended. I just let her vent and saved my venting for my husband who always hears me out and knows how to get me back to normal. I do not think she understands how much work I have put into this. I think I really just got my feelings hurt.

Anyway, we didn’t get anything done and her computer is not set up to do Avery labels and mine is, so I told her I would just do it. I came to this conclusion after 3 hours of grinding my teeth. I picked up my shit and left. Then I spent the 7 hours it took me to do the invitations grinding my teeth some more. Now I’m done and simmering over the fact that I got stuck doing it like I don’t have enough shit to do.

I guess I should add that I scouted the venue, set up the catering, set up a class bank account, signed up the DJ, and now the invitations. She was originally in charge of decorations. Now the people that own the venue are including that into our package. So she has yet to do anything.

I was okay until yesterday when I sent a memo to the planners saying that we need to get started on gathering photos from our school days for a slideshow that we will run throughout the evening. Everybody had good responses about what they have pictures of and promised they would get right on the job. The same girl that pissed me off about the invitions emailed me this:

“I would love to do this…but I don’t have time! I don’t have time to sit and scan 100’s of pictures….not to mention that I am extremely sick these days so anytime that I am not working or doing something with my son- I am layed out on the couch doing nothing!! I think it is a great idea but I just can’t do it! – I don’t even know where my pictures are right now!”

For one, nobody needs her to scan 100’s of pictures. Maybe just a few of her favorites. I did not think that it was a huge task. Especially not so big to come back with an email like this. Why did she even sign up to help plan this? I just do not understand. “Extrememly sick” is from her being 3 months pregnant. Pa-lease. I got sick early when I was pregnant also, but I still worked 12 hour days for the first 4 months and then cut back to 10 hour days until I had my son. Suck it up and deal! I hate whiners and I hate lazy people. This email really threw me overboard. I have not been able to talk to my husband about it, yet, so I am telling you.

I hope I get over this before I see her again. I know she is normally a very, nice sincere person. Maybe the pregnancy is changing her mood and attitude. I don’t know. I can not believe I am actually as mad as I am about this. I know I will get over it. I just need to not see her for awhile and not have anymore outbursts from her like this in the mean time.

So overloaded.

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  1. PaChomp

    I’m so over it now. I think I just had to vent to get over it. Also, it helped me when I saw the same planner (that sent the mean email and made those comments) yesterday and she was her normal self and very sweet and upbeat. I hate it that I let that get to me like I did. At least I’m over it. She is still my friend.

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