84 more days!!

My husband has been going to school out-of-state since September 1, 2006. He will graduate in 84 days. He has had a tough life and I try to make it easy for him.
What he is doing now is a major career change from a concrete business partner/owner to a motorcycle technician. He has always wanted to work on motorcycles. This last part of his schooling will be the hardest on him because he is doubling up on his classes so he will be able to graduate 4 months earlier than originally planned, because he misses me and his 1 1/2 yr old son so much, and mainly because his mother is dying. She has struggled with kidney disease for some time and now she is about to have to struggle no more. We do not want to see her so sick, but we can not bear to see her go, either. As she struggles, my husband will struggle and have to keep it together. We are all counting on him to pull through this hard time while he is out there all alone. I have always been the rock in emotional situations and now I’m not there to be his rock. I have more respect for him than I have for anybody else right now. I love him so much and can’t hardly wait 84 more days to be with him.

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